Rubio: Iran Wants to Setup ‘Puppet Government’ in Iraq

'Iran's goal is to establish a Shia government that oppresses Sunnis and is responsive to them'


Echoing warnings from Rep. Frank Wolf (R.,Va.), Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) cautioned the U.S. Senate Thursday on the growing threat of Iranian sponsored terrorism.

On June 12, Rep. Frank Wolf advised that because of the downfall of several Iraqi cities to the terroristic Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, militant groups had a better chance of succeeding in their quest to establish a "caliphate" in the northern sections of Syria and Iraq.

Speaking on the Senate Floor Thursday, Rubio told his colleagues "If they [Iran] are successful in their goals of creating a new country, a new state, this
Islamic radical caliphate, we will have in the future, grave risks and potentially severe and devastating terrorist attacks against Americans both abroad and here in the homeland."

Rubio called for immediate action to the affected areas, citing the growing threat of Iranian terrorism. "It will cost less money, be more effective, and be a lot less dangerous if we deal with it now," he said. Should they continue to spread, they will be able to establish "a safe haven of operation" in Iraq or Syria, he cautioned.

He warned, "Iran's goal in Iraq is to establish a Shia government that oppresses Sunnis and that is responsive to them – that is their goal. What they want to set up in Iraq is a puppet government under the control of Iran."

Rubio advised against joint action by the U.S. and Iran because of Iran’s sponsorship of terrorist activities in nearly every continent.

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