Biden Again Misrepresents Iraq War Stance

NPR: ‘Biden told us that he opposed the war...but the reality is murky’

Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden again misrepresented his previous stance on the Iraq war, claiming that he "came out against the war" the "moment it started" despite defending his vote to authorize force in Iraq months after the war began.

The Coming Middle Eastern Storm

The next war between Israel and Hezbollah will be a region-wide fight, with Iraq playing a key role

The greatest danger is that the Israeli-Iranian conflict spills into Lebanon, triggering another war between Israel and Hezbollah.

Trump Admin Sanctions Iran to Disrupt Arms Network

Iran running $100m arms-smuggling operations in Iraq

Iran's paramilitary fighting force has been running a multi-million-dollar illicit weapons smuggling program in Iraq, according to new disclosures by the Trump administration, which issued a bevy of sanctions on Wednesday aimed at disrupting the arms network.

U.S. Military: No Casualties in Explosion Near Embassy in Iraq

Sources speculate Iran's Hezbollah assets in Iraq could be responsible

U.S. Embassy in BaghdadU.S. military officials confirmed late Sunday that there were "no U.S. or coalition casualties" as the result of a large explosion near the American embassy in Baghdad that some have already begun to speculate may have been carried out by Iran's terror proxy group, Hezbollah.