Pentagon Introduces ‘Germ Zapping Robot’ to Fight Ebola

October 24, 2014

The Department of Defense announced Friday that it has deployed a "germ-zapping robot" to kill the Ebola virus—and other types of highly communicable diseases—with "high intensity flashes" of light.

The Pentagon reported on its in-house news network and distributed to reporters a short film showing how "Saul, the germ-zapping robot" is able to sanitize surfaces.

"Ebola is just one of the many diseases that could be targeted by a new germ zapper that’s using cutting-edge tech," the Defense Department said in its short film.

Sault the robot was shown in use at the Langley Air Force Base by the 633rd Medical Group, which is said to have "welcomed its newest staff member" to the facility.

The robot uses flashes of light to disinfect surfaces and destroy diseases such as Ebola, according to the report.

"Any virus airborne or not, like Ebola, [which] is not airborne, it’s going to be able to deactivate that on any surface," explained Geri Genant, implementation manager at Xenex Disinfection Services.

Chemicals and viruses "that human hands can’t touch" can be neutralized by Saul the germ-killing robot, the Pentagon said.

Testing of the robot included "something very similar to Ebola, which is on everyone’s mind and conversation," Genant said. Tests using a disease "very similar to Ebola" were performed at the robot was "able to kill it in 5 minutes, 99.9 percent."

Robot Saul will hopefully be used to "eradicate and control" spread of viruses and bacteria, the DoD says.

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