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Senator Warns of Looming ‘Space War’ After Iranian Terror Group Fires Advanced Ballistic Missiles

Sen. Blackburn says U.S. unprepared to confront cutting edge threats in space

December 13, 2023

Iran-Backed Forces Have Attacked US Positions and Allies 23 Times in Past Two Weeks, Pentagon Says

US military prepared to strike Tehran's proxies 'at a time and place of our choosing'

October 30, 2023

House Lawmaker Wants Full Accounting of US Arms Stockpiled for Israel

Chip Roy says strategic arms reserve may be running low

October 26, 2023

Biden's Deep State: Pentagon Employee Calls for Israeli Ceasefire on Social Media, Undercutting Admin's Support for Jewish State

Yousra Fazili, a former strategic adviser to the Qatari ambassador, serves as chief of staff to Pentagon comptroller

October 24, 2023

Member of Iranian Influence Network To Keep Security Clearance After Pentagon Review

Ariane Tabatabai reportedly a member of the Iran Experts Initiative

October 18, 2023

Republicans Probe Rob Malley's Ties to Tehran Influence Network

Lawmakers want to know if suspended Iran envoy was compromised by the Iran Experts Initiative

October 11, 2023