Obama Quarantines Soldiers, but Ebola Doctors, Nurses Can Do Whatever they Want

Yesterday, before taking off to attend a campaign event in Wisconsin, President Obama spoke to the press about the issue of Ebola. He praised the health care workers who are fighting the disease in West Africa, and indicated that he disagreed with the quarantine policies that the governors of New York and New Jersey have sought to implement for them. He doesn’t like these quarantines because they are insufficiently “supportive” of the efforts of the health care workers, and because they contribute to a climate of fear.

God Bless These Heroes of the Ebola Crisis

The entire world, but more importantly America, is in the midst of an Ebola outbreak that could threat the existence of life on Earth as we know it. Things are looking pretty grim for humanity, and President Obama’s failure to lead has made things even worse. If we are to survive the epidemic, we are going to need heroes. Several individuals and conglomerates have, in Obama’s absence, already stepped up to the plate and, through their selfless actions, given us hope. It’s worth recognizing those heroes now, before it’s too late.