Occupy Hope and Change

Fury at Obama erupts as Occupy Wall Street rallies in New York City

May 2, 2012

Numerous protesters at yesterday’s Occupy Wall Street rally in New York City viciously blasted President Obama as a horrible failure, signaling a major break from a liberal base that once celebrated Obama’s lofty rhetoric of hope and change.

"I feel that Obama, especially on the civil liberties perspective, has raped me in the a--," admitted a shirtless man who donned a purple flower in his hair. "I’m not very happy with his job in the slightest."

The disillusioned demonstrator, who identified himself as a financial analyst, went on to scold Obama for capitulating to Wall Street bankers and global monetary interests.

"The guy freaks me out a little bit," the man said. "I’m not going to lie. He’s pretty, and we all think we did something because of his color, and I don’t discount that, but for f—k’s sake, he scares the hell out of me."

The growing dissatisfaction among the president’s most liberal supporters could make November’s election more competitive, as former Obama diehards stay home instead of casting a ballot in his favor.

Other Occupy protesters—who spent the majority of Tuesday cluttering city streets in a series of disorganized mass demonstrations celebrating May Day—accused the president of behaving like a "Nazi," a charge that could be found particularly offensive in light of accusations that a cohort of Occupy sympathizers are anti-Semitic.

"I voted for Obama, and it was a big mistake," said one protestor who lofted a sign equating Obama with a swastika symbol. "I’m very angry about it. Obama is murdering thousands of people throughout the world with his drone strikes."

The occupier accused Obama of having the same foreign policy priorities as his predecessor, George W. Bush.

"The foreign policy between Bush and Obama is the same. He hasn’t changed," he said. "[Obama] did talk like a Nazi in the campaign, but you gotta vote for a black president, which I did, but I will never again vote for a Democrat, not even for dog catcher."

Even supporters of New York’s labor unions lamented what they described as the president’s multiple shortcomings.

"I feel that President Obama has betrayed us, has broken every promise that he made," said one man sporting a cap that read, Local 338. "The change that he promised didn’t happen. The only economic change that happened was for the one percent. Every promise he has broken."

An elderly female activist who identified herself as a former supporter of the president charged that he is "killing the teachers" and "killing the kids" by failing to enact wide-ranging educational reforms.

"I no longer put my hopes there," she said. "I wish I could, but I can’t."

Asked directly if the president had let her down, the woman hung her head and lamented, "Let’s say so. Let’s say so."

Other demonstrators expressed their disappointment by carrying signs that were highly critical of the president’s policy choices.

One referred to the president as "Ali baba Obama" and labeled him a "political gangster" who should "keep your bloody hands off Libia [sic], N. Korea, Arabias [sic], Cuba."

During a ceremony in Union Square, an elderly man wearing a "Canada kicks ass" t-shirt and an Adidas sweatband told the Free Beacon that Obama’s policies could cause a "revolution."

"The problem is, how can [Obama] stand up against the economic system?" he asked. "I think that’s going to take a major revolution and hopefully it will be peaceful, but there are no guarantees."

Though protests in New York City remained mostly peaceful, Occupy supporters in other states went on multiple rampages, damaging property as part of a mission whose goal remains unclear.