Obama Fundraiser at Home of Exec Who Sits on Board of Stimulus Recipient

Mark Heising / bipartisanpolicy.org

President Obama is scheduled to headline a Democratic National Committee fundraiser next week at the home of a California private equity executive who also sits on the board of a company that received stimulus funds.

The fundraiser will be held at the Atherton, Calif. home of Mark Heising. Tickets to the event cost $32,400.

Heising sits on the board at Sion Power, "the Rechargeable Battery Company" that was awarded $5 million in stimulus funds from the Department of Energy for lithium-sulfur battery research. The $5 million grant was awarded in June 2010 and has to date created fewer than 32 jobs at the project location in Tucson, Ariz.

Heising also serves on the Bipartisan Policy Center's board of directors. The group touts their cross-party messaging: "As the only Washington, D.C.-based think tank that actively promotes bipartisanship, BPC works to address the key challenges facing the nation."

Heising is the managing director of Medley Partners, a private equity and venture capital firm he founded in 2004. The liberal philanthropist also sits on the board of the left-leaning nonprofit group Environmental Defense Fund, which spent $1,754,000 on lobbying in 2012.