Obama Donors Invest in Influence

• June 20, 2012 9:41 am


President Obama’s top donors and bundlers are closely associated with a cadre of far-left nonprofits that spend large amounts of money to influence the political discourse on a range of hot button issues, such as gay marriage, union organizing, energy, and abortion, according to an analysis by the Daily Caller.

At least 138 of the president’s top contributors are affiliated with such organizations, the online outlet revealed, raising questions about what these donors are getting in return for their support of Team Obama:

Capital Research Center executive vice president Scott Walter told TheDC that those funding streams "speak volumes about the givers and the receiver. For the President to receive so much hard Left money puts the lie to any claims of moderation and centrism."

The president has already weathered a few embarrassing episodes involving his bundlers. In February his campaign pledged to return at least $200,000 collected by brothers of a casino owner who was linked to violence and corruption in Mexico after he jumped bail while appealing a five-year prison term for telemarketing fraud.

In January the liberal Center for Public Integrity reported that 68 of Obama’s top 350 bundlers already had high-status jobs in his administration, and that 30 were tied to government-related companies in the green technology, defense or banking industries.

The Daily Caller report outlines the donors and their liberal pet issues in a lengthy report.