Nadler: Russian Election Meddling Equivalent to Attack on U.S. With ‘Bombs and Bullets’

Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler (N.Y.) said Monday that Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election was equivalent to an enemy attacking the United States with "bombs and bullets."

Nadler's comment came during an interview with CNN host Chris Cuomo about the Russians hacking into voter registration systems of several U.S. states in 2016, and possible steps the Trump administration could take to prevent such cyber penetration in the future.

"This administration seems determined, and the president seems determined, not to do anything that might offend the Russians and not to do anything to protect us from an attack that the president won't admit occurred, and is occurring, despite the fact that all the people around him assert it," Nadler said. "We know that the Russians attacked 21 states' infrastructure, apparently penetrated some of them. They didn't alter vote tallies as far as we know last time; they could next time."

"This is as much as an attack on the United States as if there were bombs and bullets," Nadler added. "It's an attack on our essential governing structure, and as I said, there are ways that we can retaliate against the Russians that they will know that they better stop."