MSNBC Analyst: Trump’s ‘Sexual and Masculine Insecurities Are Literally Threatening to Annihilate the Planet’

January 2, 2018

An MSNBC analyst on Tuesday said that President Donald Trump’s sexual insecurity could lead him to launch enough nuclear weapons to destroy the planet.

Author Anand Giridharadas declared that Trump’s sexual anxiety was reflected in a tweet warning North Korean leader Kim Jong Un not to use nuclear weapons. Trump tweeted that he has a nuclear button that’s "bigger and more powerful" than Kim’s, and Giridharadas argued that everyone should worry about what Trump may do.

"As we saw all through 2017, men with profound sexual insecurity can wreak a lot of havoc in the lives of women, in the lives of their families," Giridharadas said. "But perhaps never have we seen a man whose profound sexual and masculine insecurities are literally threatening to annihilate the planet."

Giridharadas said the language of the tweet indicated a sexual meaning, possibly not intended but nevertheless present. He said a psychiatrist would "have a field day" examining Trump for sexual anxiety.

"The way he's literally capitalizing in that tweet his 'Nuclear Button'—any psychiatrist or psychologist would have a field day with that," he said. "But we all live in a world that could literally be ended in terms of a habitable planet because of this sad man's insecurities."

Trump has previously tweeted disparagingly toward Kim, whom he has called "Little Rocket Man."

Kim has not refrained from testing nuclear weapons and missiles even after pressure from the U.S. and the international community to stop his tests. Trump has attempted to take a harder line on the regime, making a speech at the United Nations in which he said Kim was on a "suicide mission."

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