Inside the Ring: Navy Cybersecurity Faulted

U.S. Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer

U.S. Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer / Getty Images


An internal Navy study has faulted the sea service's failure to prevent the leaking of secrets and technology to foreign adversaries, including China and Russia.

The cyber-readiness review produced for Navy Secretary Richard Spencer presents a scathing indictment of poor cybersecurity in Navy computer networks.

"Competitors and potential adversaries have exploited [Department of Navy] information systems, penetrated its defenses, and stolen massive amounts of national security [intellectual property]" the report states. "This has lessened our capabilities and lethality, while strengthening their offensive and defensive capabilities."

The loss of the technology has so eroded the U.S. military's edge that the report identified the losses as an existential threat to American national security.

"This cyber war has been ongoing for some time," the report said. "The threat is long past the emergent or developing stage. While its ‘guns' go unheard, it is as real, and with as much or more devastating consequences."

Read the entire article at the Washington Times.

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