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'Sinking Our Future': Biden's Budget Cuts Funds to U.S. Navy As China Ramps Up Shipbuilding

Biden wants to prematurely retire dozen ships, put U.S. on track to be outgunned on seas by China

March 29, 2023

Another Republican Comes Out Against Woke Military Spending

Pushing woke agenda ‘undermines our moral position and ultimately degrades our strength,’ Sen. Wicker says

March 2, 2023

Iranian Warships Dock in Brazil

Ships are 'dangerous development and a direct threat to the safety and security of Americans,' Cruz says

February 28, 2023

US Monitoring Iranian Bid To Establish ‘Military Presence’ in Panama Canal

Iran threatens to shutter vital Persian Gulf shipping lane

January 26, 2023

Iran To Station Warships in Panama Canal

Iran entering Pacific Ocean for first time

January 11, 2023

Biden Admin Buys U.S. Navy Luxury Bidet Equipped With 'Effective Enema Function'

Bio Bidet's BB-1000 has 'the absolute strongest spray pressure of any electronic bidet seat on the market.'

December 12, 2022