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Congress Approves Plan To Combat Iranian Attacks at Sea

Strategy calls for increased military cooperation between the United States, Israel, and UAE

December 19, 2023

Joni Ernst Blasts Biden Admin's 'Appeasement' of Iran, Outlines Plan To Fight Tehran With Arab Allies

Senator tells the Free Beacon the White House's wavering support for Israel is 'unacceptable'

July 18, 2023

'Sinking Our Future': Biden's Budget Cuts Funds to U.S. Navy As China Ramps Up Shipbuilding

Biden wants to prematurely retire dozen ships, put U.S. on track to be outgunned on seas by China

March 29, 2023

Another Republican Comes Out Against Woke Military Spending

Pushing woke agenda ‘undermines our moral position and ultimately degrades our strength,’ Sen. Wicker says

March 2, 2023