Huckabee Sanders Signals Trump Will Sign Russia Sanctions Bill: 'We Support Where the Legislation Is Now'

July 23, 2017

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders signaled Sunday that President Donald Trump will sign a bipartisan bill enacting tough sanctions on Russia, saying "we support where the legislation is now."

Sanders tied the placing of sanctions on Russia to resolution of the "situation in Ukraine," making no mention of Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

Negotiators in the House and Senate announced they reached an agreement Saturday on a bill that enacts new sanctions on Russia and limits Trump's ability to lift those sanctions. The legislation also places sanctions on Iran and North Korea.

"Will the president sign that bill?" ABC host George Stephanopoulos asked on "This Week."

Sanders said the administration supported being tough on Russia, calling the original sanctions legislation "poorly written."

"We were able to work with the House and Senate, and the administration is happy with the ability to do that and make those changes that were necessary, and we support where the legislation is now," she said. "We'll continue working with the House and Senate to put those tough sanctions in place on Russia until the situation in Ukraine is fully resolved. It certainly isn't right now."

"So the president will sign that bill. That's a little news right there," Stephanopoulos said.

The House will vote on it on Tuesday and the Senate will take it up after, CNN reports, although Senate leaders haven't said when they will bring it to the floor.