Huawei Now World's Biggest Smartphone Seller

The Huawei logo is seen on a communications device in London, Britain
July 30, 2020

Chinese state-backed tech giant Huawei has surpassed Samsung as the world’s largest smartphone seller, the Associated Press reported Thursday.

Officials at tech company Canalys told AP that Huawei sold 55.8 million devices in the second quarter of 2020 alone. Over the same period, Huawei’s shipments in China rose 8 percent. China accounts for 70 percent of Huawei’s smartphone sales.

"If it wasn’t for COVID-19, it wouldn’t have happened," Canalys senior analyst Ben Stanton said. "Huawei has taken full advantage of the Chinese economic recovery to reignite its smartphone business."

Huawei’s rise has brought extensive security concerns in recent months. Huawei’s cooperation and hardware sharing with Beijing—particularly in the military arena—have led many countries to close the door on further transactions with the company.

Standing up to Huawei has been a growing focus for cooperation between Washington and democratic allies. Following America's lead, Britain, France, and an increasing portion of the EU have decided to effectively ban Huawei from contributing to 5G development.

China has responded by enlisting a cadre of experienced Washington insiders to lobby for the firm. Huawei has also maintained a relationship with the Peterson Institute for International Economics, a prominent U.S. think tank.

It appears, however, that the current administration will continue to oppose such subversion.

"The danger our nation faces from foreign adversaries like China looking to infiltrate our systems is great," director of the White House Office of Management and Budget Ross Vought said earlier this month. "The Trump Administration is keeping our government strong against nefarious networks like Huawei by fully implementing the ban on Federal procurement."

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