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Commerce Secretary's Husband Is Top Executive at Tech Firm Funded by Chinese Government

Gina Raimondo has major financial stake in AI firm funded by Chinese venture capital firm

December 14, 2021
The Huawei logo is seen on a communications device in London, Britain

Report: Authoritarian Governments Use Huawei Technology To Censor Journalists

Report finds 17 countries use Chinese telecom giant's hardware for censorship

December 2, 2021

FBI Warns California Genetics Company Likely Shares Americans' Health Data With China

Chinese government uses health data to surveil and capture Uyghurs

December 1, 2021

Top News Organizations Run Huawei-Sponsored Puff Pieces

Politico, Reuters partner with China-backed telecom giant

October 27, 2021

FCC Commissioner Calls For Chinese Drone Ban

Brendan Carr says DJI drones pose a national security threat

October 19, 2021

MLB Ships Jobs to China To Build Closer Relationship With CCP

League hopes to build 'baseball ecosystem' in China

September 29, 2021

Biden DOJ to Release Huawei Fraudster Back to China

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou’s release a major priority for Beijing

September 24, 2021

Biden Admin Allows Huawei To Enter US Auto Industry

Chinese tech company banned by Trump administration for spyware concerns

August 25, 2021

Senate Confirms Huawei-Linked Lobbyist to Intel Post

Republicans respond with legislation to prevent federal officials from working with Chinese regime-linked companies

June 22, 2021

Biden Removes Chinese Military Tech Company from Blacklist

Chinese tech company Sugon worked on nuclear weapons research, Uyghur surveillance

June 10, 2021