Heilemann Mocks Gary Johnson’s Aleppo Gaffe, and Bill Weld Looks Furious

• October 13, 2016 6:07 pm


Bloomberg's John Heilemann made a crack about Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson's widely panned stumble on Aleppo, and running mate Bill Weld looked none too pleased about it during his appearance Thursday on With All Due Respect.

Johnson was mocked last month when he blankly asked, in response to a question on MSNBC about the mounting crisis in the Syrian city, "and what is Aleppo?" In a separate MSNBC interview alongside Weld, Johnson couldn't name a single foreign leader.

Heilemann asked Weld at the conclusion of their interview if he would have had an answer if asked about the war-torn city.

"Yeah, I would have had an answer, although I'm so pessimistic, I've almost given up," Weld said. "I think Putin's going to have his way, because he's willing to bomb anything."

"All right, a man who knows what Aleppo is," Heilemann said, while Weld looked daggers at him. Heilemann trailed off slightly.

"Number two man on the Libertarian candidate, Bill Weld. Thank you very much," Heilemann said, as the segment went to commercial.

Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico, and Weld, the former governor of Massachusetts, are looking to gain a significant chunk of the national popular vote in this election cycle as third-party candidates.

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