Hamas Could Be Preparing to Launch Terror Attack on Israeli Trains

Hamas footage of Israel Railways train approaching Sderot
Hamas footage of Israel Railways train approaching Sderot / Channel 2

The terror group Hamas could be preparing to launch a terror attack on Israeli commuter trains, according to new video obtained by the Israeli Defense Forces.

The IDF seized the footage from Hamas in the Gaza Strip. It shows an Israeli commuter train along its route from the city Sderot to Ashkelon.

Israel Hayom reports that the IDF and Israeli train line are examining new security measures to counter a possible terror strike:

The train line, only a few months old, was built to link the southern city of Sderot to the center of Israel. All the stations are fully protected against missile attacks. But now it has emerged that the Palestinians are monitoring the train line from a vantage point only several hundred meters from the border.

An unnamed official involved in the incident told Israel Hayom that the footage was recovered after a recent arrest of a senior Hamas operative in Gaza.

Following a deadly attack in 2011, in which terrorists fired an anti-tank missile at a school bus near the Gaza border and killed one child, the IDF has made sure to remove trees and shrubbery from the area so as to prevent Hamas from setting up observation posts and firing missiles at vehicles.