Giuliani on Protesters Shouting at Panetta: 'So Stupid, It's Ridiculous'

July 28, 2016

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R.) ripped the Bernie Sanders supporters who tried to shout down Leon Panetta during his Democratic National Convention speech, calling them "so stupid, it's ridiculous" Thursday on Fox & Friends.

Panetta, the former Secretary of Defense and CIA Director, touted Hillary Clinton's national security credentials and ability to defeat the Islamic State on Wednesday, but cries of "No more wars!" came from Sanders supporters as he spoke. Even MSNBC personalities ripped them for their lack of decorum, with liberal commentator Joy Reid calling it "embarrassing."

Giuliani's reaction was to tell a story of a former Republican Philadelphia judge who sometimes got annoyed at his own party, until he watched a Democratic convention and remembered why he was in the GOP.

"That guy should become a Republican," he said of Panetta. Host Brian Kilmeade noted to Giuliani that Panetta was one early in his career before becoming a Democrat.

"They are at war with us," Giuliani said of ISIS. "Those people are so stupid, it's ridiculous."

He noted French president Francois Hollande had said Islamic extremist terrorism was at war with their nation, so "we must be at war with them."

"So those idiots are yelling and screaming," Giuliani said. "They're going to be at war with us, and we're going to sit back and just let them kill us, just let them kill us like in Orlando and San Bernardino and Nice."