Frank Wolf: Chinese Cyber Espionage ‘Like A Mafia Operation’


Rep. Frank Wolf (R., Va.) says the Department of Justice needs to start moving "up the food chain" and issue indictments to the head of the Peoples' Liberation Army and members of the Chinese government to better combat the ongoing problem of cyber espionage.

"This is like a mafia operation coming out of China," Wolf said in an interview with me on WMAL in Washington, D.C.

I asked the congressman if the problem is so widespread and so damaging to America's interests, is it really enough to just issue indictments against individuals suspected of spying, or maybe should we rethink our relationship with China altogether?

Wolf said, "America made a mistake when we gave most favored nation's status to China. You've got a lot of lawyers in this city who are working for the Chinese. No law firm in this city would work for the Russians during Ronald Reagan's time."

Wolf went on to say, "Fundamentally, the Chinese government is a corrupt government. Many of the high leaders have their kids over here going to school in Washington, Boston, Philadelphia; driving BMWs, Mercedes; and everything. It is fundamentally a mafia operation, this government is not as strong as they appear to be."

"We don't need more laws," he said. "We need some guts and backbone."

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