Larry O'Connor

Spotify Tries To Ruin Your Thanksgiving Dinner

A watched turkey never roasts.  Or something. That's why this new feature on Spotify seems so cool. The steaming music service wants to provide the soundtrack for your Thanksgiving kitchen so they've come up with an app that will play music while your turkey roasts and adjust the length of the playlist based on the size of your turkey.

Dr. Ben Carson: Race Relations in America Better Before Obama

Dr. Ben Carson thinks race relations were better in America before the election of President Barack Obama. The retired African-American pediatric neurosurgeon who rose to national prominence after his harsh criticism of the Affordable Care Act at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013 made the comments Tuesday on The Hugh Hewitt Show.

America Deserves Better Than CNN

A cable news network defines itself by how well it covers a breaking news story. That's why it's instructive to evaluate CNN's performance during Tuesday morning’s developing story of the bloody terror attacks in Jerusalem.