Ellison Barber on Security Firm's Flawed Background Checks

January 23, 2014

Washington Free Beacon’s Ellison Barber discussed the United States’ lawsuit against U.S. Investigations LLC, a security firm.

Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson reported that the U.S. is suing its largest security background check contractor, U.S. Investigations LLC. They are accused of millions of dollars of fraud. Prosecutors say that that the company previously filed more than 660,000 flawed background checks, including one on Edward Snowden.

Barber stressed the importance of the lawsuit against the fraudulent security firm. She said the issue first came to light in June of 2013 when the Senate invesetigated the manner in which we obtain background checks, after the Snowden leaks had occurred. Patrick McFarland, an official from OPM, reported that investigations on the company had been ongoing since 2011.

Background checks are not consistent across federal agencies, Barber reported. It is important that these background checks be done correctly. Barber called for reform: "There is an issue, government money giving money to contractors to perform these investigations. Someone else should be looking at them in between to make sure they are done right…Someone within the federal government should be going through a lot of these things after they send out the contract to make sure they are doing them appropriately.

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