Dubowitz: Iran Deal Riddled with Flaws, Loopholes

• January 13, 2014 12:16 pm


Iran remains resolute in their efforts to produce more nuclear weapons, as previously reported by the Free Beacon.

Mark Dubowitz, Executive Director for the Foundation of Defense for Democracies, spoke with Fox News’ Jenna Lee to express his dismay at the recent deal and his bleak outlook for the future of Iran’s nuclear activity.

Dubowitz admitted that there are some "positive aspects" to the deal, but warned that there are those are "major loopholes" that the Iranians will use to their advantage over the next six months. One such loophole allows Iran to do research and development on advanced centrifuges.

Lee asked Dubowitz if he really believes that the deal does not prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon in the future. Dubowitz responded: "Not only am I say that, but actually the Deputy Nuclear Negotiator and Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran said to his people on TV ‘This is a reversible deal. We will never dismantle one single centrifuge. We will continue to insist on Iran’s right to enrichment.’

The Obama administration feels that the deal was the world’s beset chance to fix the nuclear program, Lee told Dubowitz. She noted Congress’s disagreement with that notion. Dubowitz responded: "Congress feels vindicated. They feel the administration was wrong opposing sanctions over the past two years. They believe it is only sanctions and increased negotiating leverage that have any chance resolving this problem peacefully and preventing iranian nuclear weapon or israeli military strikes to forestall the possibility."

Dubowitz explained two key problems with the Iran Deal. First, the United States is giving billions of dollars back to the Iranian government without any restrictions on the money. The money can be used to fund terrorism against the U.S. or to fund their nuclear program. Second, Iran’s economy is improving. They are "generating tens of billions of dollars in renewed economic activity a as a result of sanctions released and climate of deescalating sanctions." This essentially keeps Assad in power and aids him in the mass murder of Syrians.

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