College Kids Sign Petition to Support ISIL

• September 15, 2014 2:55 pm


The terrorist group ISIL released its third beheading video over the weekend. Their barbarism has been condemned by nations around the globe.

However, as the Media Research Center's Dan Joseph learned, some American college students are willing to sign a mock petition supporting them.

I can only assume that the college students who were willing to sign my petition calling on President Obama to support the terror group, were ignorant to the group's existence.

God, I hope so!

Over the period of about an hour, I stood on the campus of George Mason University in Northern Virginia and asked passing students to sign my petition. The petition was adorned with the ISIS flag above the unambiguous headline: "SUPPORT ISIS."

Joseph was able to get 11 students to sign the petition, despite that many of them were fully aware of what ISIL is and what it has done.

I was able to accumulate 11 signatures and email addresses from students at this institute of higher education. Students who will, one day, go into the world and have real responsibilities. Students who, will one day, have children. Students who probably vote in presidential elections.

Not everybody Joseph approached agreed to sign the petition. Some even reacted by cursing at him. "What the fuck," one person said.

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