Coburn: Benghazi Cover-up Complicates Entire Legislative Agenda

'Benghazi's far from over'

• May 15, 2013 4:54 pm


Sen. Tom Coburn (R., Okla.) said the Obama administration's apparent cover-up on Benghazi will complicate Congressional cooperation on a range of issues Wednesday on "Your World."

FNC host Neil Cavuto asked if Congress will push for changes to upcoming IRS enforcement of Obamacare in the wake of the current IRS targeting scandal.

Coburn replied he had "no idea" because the Obama administration's "direct intention not to share the facts" on Benghazi has left many members of Congress disillusioned, potentially stalling legislation on a variety of fronts:

NEIL CAVUTO: That was one of the original concerns, even prior to the indications going after conservative groups with the IRS having that much more responsibility over healthcare law, and thousands of agents hired to potentially police it in these 49 different areas. Do you think that was — that that's going to be reconsidered now, period? Whether it goes by the wayside or not?

TOM COBURN: Neil I don't know. But there is definitely, in my mind, a cover-up on Benghazi, a direct intention not to share the facts with the American people, and I think that complicates everything else. Benghazi's far from over. The people who distorted what actually happened and knew better and it's not the CIA who did that, by the way. I sit on the Intelligence Committee – they were very straightforward with what they put out initially. So we have some real problems right now with the confidence, and the shame of it, Neil, is we're prime to really grow. If the Congress and the president — what we lack is leadership right now. If the president would lead on solving the big problems in our country, everybody knows what they are, reforming the tax code, fixing and saving medicare, fixing and saving social security.

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