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Tax Dollars at Work: Mountain Lions on Treadmills

Coburn’s Wastebook highlights $25 billion in wasteful spending

October 22, 2014
Tom Coburn

Report: Tax Credits Meant to Help Poor Communities Spent on Doggie Day Care, Sculptures, Breweries

Coburn: ‘When government picks winners and losers, the losers usually end up being taxpayers’

August 14, 2014
Syrian and Iraqi Christians

Stalled Bill to Combat Middle East Violence Sparks Intra-Party Fight

Republicans hold bill that would protect religious minorities

May 23, 2014
Tom Coburn

Sequester Resulted in One Layoff

Coburn: ‘Devastating to the credibility of Washington politicians and administration officials’

May 7, 2014

Senators Predicted Obamacare’s Negative Side Effects

$1.058 trillion in new taxes, five million insurance cancellations

April 1, 2014

House Holds ‘Stop Government Abuse Week’

Republicans introduce bills to curb the IRS, increase accountability in government spending

February 24, 2014
Syrian and Iraqi Christians

Republicans Blocking Bill to Combat Christian Violence

Two Republican senators hold a bill to fight slaughter in the Middle East

February 13, 2014

Weaponizing Waste

Sen. Tom Coburn leaves behind a lasting legacy of highlighting wasteful government spending

February 6, 2014