Bolton: U.S. Will Reimpose Pre-Nuke Deal Sanctions on Iran

May 13, 2018

National Security Advisor John Bolton said on Sunday that the United States will reimpose the same level of sanctions on Iran that were in place before the Obama administration entered into the Iran nuclear deal.

CNN host Jake Tapper asked Bolton about President Donald Trump's decision for the United States to leave the deal and what role sanctions will now play.

"The consequence of the United States getting out of it is to reimpose all American sanctions as they were before the deal came into effect and I think what we've seen is that Iran's economic condition is really quite shaky so the effect here could be dramatic," Bolton said.

Bolton added that Iran will not be able to wreak the same kind of chaos it had before in the Middle East and that it will have greater difficulty now to sell oil.

Tapper challenged Bolton on the United States's sanctions not having the same effect due to being the only country to leave the agreement.

"But still, the United States imposing economic sanctions is a far cry from the United States and China and Russia and Europe imposing economic sanctions," Tapper said. "The U.S. essentially, at least as of now, going it alone. How will that force Iran back to the table?"

"But we're not going it alone," Bolton said. "We have the support of Israel, we have the support of the Arab oil-producing monarchies and many others and the consequences of American sanctions go well beyond goods shipped by American countries because of our technology licenses to many other countries and businesses around the world."

Trump announced that the United States would withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), often referred to as the Iran nuclear deal. Iranian leaders threatened harsh reprisals against the United States following Trump's decision to abandon the nuclear deal and reimpose a series of harsh sanctions on Tehran.