BEASTMODE: Trump Supporter Advises Him on North Korea Policy: ‘Kaboom!’

A Donald Trump supporter on a CNN panel Tuesday had some advice for his North Korea policy by simply saying, "Kaboom!"

Trump promised earlier this month that "fire and fury" would be brought upon North Korea leader Kim Jong Un if he continued his bellicose rhetoric against the U.S.

When the rogue nuclear country made threats against the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam, Trump promised Kim that he would "regret it fast" if he acted. North Korea ultimately backed down.

When "New Day" host Alisyn Camerota brought up North Korea on CNN on Tuesday, Daphne Goggins laughed.

"Tell us what's funny?" Camerota asked.

"Ka-boom!" Goggins said. "What are waiting for? No. I like the way he's handling North Korea."

"And how is he handling it?" Camerota asked.

"Tough," Goggins said. "He has to be tough, because he's dealing with crazies, and I think as commander-in-chief that he's been a lot more disciplined."