Allen West: 'Allow Israel To Crush Hamas'

July 29, 2014

Former congressman Lt. Col. Allen West says the United States "should allow Israel to crush Hamas."

Appearing on WMAL radio in Washington, D.C., West told co-host Brian Wilson and Larry O'Connor, "We should sit down with … all those who understand that this move of radical Islamism in the Middle East has to be crushed."

Leveling harsh criticism on President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, West questioned whether the world knows whose side we are on in the Middle East.

"He has been an absolute catastrophe," West said with regard to Kerry. "President Obama, I don't understand who he sides with. We have fled Libya because the 'militia and rebels' who we supported have now caused us to get out of Libya because they are Islamists," West continued. "He supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and now that General el-Sisi has gotten rid of the Muslim Brotherhood, he does not want to support Egypt."

"We are on the wrong side in the Middle East," he concluded. "Israel sees it."

West's criticism of the Obama administration didn't stop at their policies toward Israel. He turned his focus on our crumbling influence in Europe and Russia's continued aggression in that region.

"A person like Hillary Clinton should not be in the White House because she does not want to take leadership role," West said when speaking about the former secretary of state's presidential ambitions. "Maybe she wants to give Vladimir Putin another little toy box with a red button on top of it and say 'hey, let's play reset again."

"We need to have someone like a Ronald Reagan to stand up at a Brandenburg Gate and say 'Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall' because right now Vladimir Putin is attempting to rebuild it."