2015 Man of the Year: Mick Fanning

Mick FanningIf one takes a moment to think of the typical surfer, images of a figure resembling Sean Penn’s character from the 1982 comedy film Fast Times at Ridgemont High may come to mind. Penn plays a high school senior named Jeff Spicoli who can be best described as a stoned surfer locked in an epic struggle with Mr. Hand, his ultra-strict history teacher. Spicoli smokes marijuana, disregards his schoolwork, goes on joyrides, and, of course, loves surfing.

2015 Man of the Year: Extreme Akim

Thanks to fearless reporting this summer by the Washington Free Beacon, the world was re-introduced to a daring legal expert who pushed the boundaries of the justice and also hosted a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton: Judge “Extreme Akim” Anastopoulo.

2015 Man of the Year: The Blue Angels

Blue AngelsSpectators in Pensacola, Fla., were enjoying a perfect day on the beach this past July when they were treated to flyover by the Blue Angels. Little did they know they would soon experience what's being called "the most American flyover ever."