2015 Man of the Year: Extreme Akim

Extreme Akim wields his bat of justice.
December 31, 2015

Thanks to fearless reporting this summer by the Washington Free Beacon, the world was re-introduced to a daring legal expert who pushed the boundaries of the justice and also hosted a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton: Judge "Extreme Akim" Anastopoulo.

"Extreme Akim," an accomplished attorney in his on right, hosted the reality court show Eye for an Eye from 2003 to 2009, where he wielded a bat in lieu of a gavel, had a professional wrestler for a bailiff, and dished out outrageous punishments and judgments like ordering two women to mud-wrestle or lacing a defendant's food with laxatives and handcuffing him so he couldn't use the bathroom.

Just get a load of how his court is brought to order. Amazing.

It was Judge Judy, except cool and awesome. It was the kind of authority that needs to be dispensed sometimes in this increasingly politically correct world. It was a winning concept executed by a winning leader.

Now he's supporting the Democratic frontrunner for the presidency, and since the June fundraiser he held for her in South Carolina, Clinton has gone from leading a pitiful field of candidates to leading a smaller, pitiful field of candidates.

At the end of each hearing, Akim would say, "Now THAT's justice." Imagine a Clinton campaign advertisement outlining her heroic flip-flops on numerous issues to pander to liberals, ending on a hero shot of the elderly candidate as Akim narrates, "Now THAT's a president."

Game, set, White House.

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