2015 Man of the Year: Kid Who Got Nailed by Indoor Basketball Hoop

The moment before impact.
December 31, 2015

The Washington Free Beacon watched in a combination of horror and amusement in 2015 at the college campus epidemic of shrieking, crybullying, group-thinking twits who needed safe spaces from Halloween costumes, 9/11 memorials and racist dog poop.

Let me introduce these baby Stalinists to young Jake, a 6-year-old playing basketball inside with his father this summer. Now this should be a safe space, should it not? A typical carpeted American home play area.

But sometimes life doesn't go as planned. Sometimes, a basketball hoop smashes down onto your head while you're celebrating a slam dunk, and your dad films the whole damn thing instead of, you know, moving you out of the way.

The result was 85 million Vine loops and countless tears of laughter from the rest of the world who got to enjoy this absurdly entertaining clip. Everything about it works seamlessly, from his triumphant slam and chest-beating braggadocio to the ominous fall of the hoop, followed by the ferocious "clunk" as it nails him in the head, and then a brief look of shock as the Vine ends.

And you know what? He got up and dealt with it.

According to the boy's dad, Jake didn't cry. Instead, he laughed and "walked it off pretty well." College students who are reduced to hysterics over considerably more minor offenses could take a lesson from this athlete-in-the-making, who, according to GQ, also plays flag football, baseball and soccer.

He may not be pursuing an advanced degree in Gender Studies, but I'd want this young lad in my corner in any tight spot. He's looked death in the eye and chuckled.

For providing this hilarious video and a courageous response to life's unfair pratfalls, young Jake is a 2015 Man of the Year.

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