2012 Man of the Year: Jack Donaghy

The last year has been tough for the president of NBC. His plan to tank the network has not gone entirely as he anticipated. His party lost the presidential election. He discovered that he is the model for the villain in one of Tracy Jordan's most successful film series. His mother Colleen died.

2012 Man of the Year: Keith Judd

For a brief time in May, America got to know a different kind of superhero. Keith Judd, Texas inmate #11593-051, stood up to President Barack Obama when everyone else stood down during the West Virginia Democratic presidential primary.

2012 Man of the Year: The Drone

From the pages of our nation’s biggest publications to the hills of Pakistan, it has been hard to miss the buzz about drones this year, as well as the buzz of drones. In some places, you literally have to be living under a rock to escape them.

2012 Man of the Year: The Chair

When it was announced that Clint Eastwood would introduce Mitt Romney during his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, America was enthralled. Just six months earlier, the noted Hollywood conservative appeared in a commercial touting the return of the American auto industry, which had been interpreted by the public as a veiled endorsement of President Barack Obama’s controversial decision to use United States tax dollars to bail out Chrysler.

2012 Man of the Year: Kobe Bryant

Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant notched his 30,000th point this year, good for fifth all time. He is now only 2,200 points behind Michael Jordan, the failed baseball player who ignominiously ended his hoops career with the Washington Wizards.