2012 Man of the Year: The Chair

December 28, 2012

When it was announced that Clint Eastwood would introduce Mitt Romney during his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, America was enthralled. Just six months earlier, the noted Hollywood conservative appeared in a commercial touting the return of the American auto industry, which had been interpreted by the public as a veiled endorsement of President Barack Obama’s controversial decision to use United States tax dollars to bail out Chrysler.

Chair in hand, Eastwood took the stage before the 30 million Americans who were patiently waiting to be introduced to the man who would challenge President Obama for the U.S. presidency. Eastwood delved into his well of skills as a performer and acted as if President Obama himself was sitting in the Chair, which he berated, claiming it was time for a change of direction for the country.

Eastwood’s Chair sparked vicious attacks and spirited defenses. It inspired New Media and Old Media alike to provide fresh and funny takes. But the Chair stood firm. It was silent, noble. And the public likely will remember the Chair before they remember whom President Obama felled in his reelection victory.

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