There Has Never Been a Better Reason To Read the New York Times. Here Are 101 Links You Should Click on Right Now.

December 8, 2022

More than 1,100 unionized employees at the New York Times are currently engaged in a 24-hour work stoppage to protest the company's "failure to bargain in good faith" and "reach a fair contract agreement with the workers." The strike, which began on Thursday at midnight, is the first large-scale labor action at the Times since 1965.

"It's disappointing that they're taking such drastic action," Times CEO Meredith Levien wrote in a memo to staff on Wednesday. "In the meantime, know that we have plans in place to ensure that we meet our obligation to our readers and the general public by reporting the news as fully as possible through any disruption caused by the strike."

Hear, hear! We at the Washington Free Beacon don't always agree with the Times, but feel it is our moral duty to offer support for a fellow journalistic institution in need. We are similarly disappointed that a bunch of coddled narcissists would deliberately sabotage their noble employer because they think they deserve higher wages and don't want to show up to the office. The union has even insisted on conducting negotiations via Zoom with hundreds of employees watching.

"We're asking readers to stand with us on the digital picket line and not visit any NYT platforms tomorrow. Read local news. Make something from a cookbook. Break your Wordle streak," multiple Times employees wrote on social media. The striking journalists are planning a protest at 1 p.m. outside the paper's headquarters near Times Square.

Nikole Hannah-Jones, author of the controversial 1619 Project, is scheduled to speak, which would appear to confirm that she is still employed by the Times despite not publishing a story under her byline since June 2020. In lieu of working, the esteemed journalist has been accepting $40,000 speaking fees to tell insecure white liberals that America is "one of the most unequal societies in the history of the world." (Fact check: It is not.)

The Free Beacon commends the courage of White House reporters Peter Baker and Michael Shear, who angered their nagging colleagues at the Times by declining to participate in the walkout. Click here and here to view their stories on the Times website. Additionally, we invite you to click multiple times on the following 101 links to show your support for the virtuous staff members and Times executives working extra hard today to ensure that democracy itself will not perish from this Earth.


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6) Ignoring Legal Advice, Sam Bankman-Fried Speaks on FTX

7) 'I've Had a Bad Month,' Sam Bankman-Fried Says

8) President Biden Turns 80, Making Him the First Octogenarian in the Oval Office

9) President Biden Is Turning 80. Experts Say Age Is More Than a Number.

10) Biden Verbally Fumbles, Twice, During Campaign Trip in Florida

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12) The Many Ways That Joe Biden Trips Over His Own Tongue

13) Biden Adds a Claim to His Biography: An Arrest in South Africa

14) Biden Warns Romney Policies Would Put Crowd 'Back in Chains'

15) What to Do With Tara Reade's Allegation Against Joe Biden?

16) Democrats, Tara Reade, and the #MeToo Trap

17) I Believe Tara Reade. I'm Voting for Joe Biden Anyway.

18) The Wrong Time for Joe Biden

19) Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren: The Democrats' Best Choices for President

20) Most Democrats Don't Want Biden in 2024, New Poll Shows

21) Michael Avenatti, After Flirting With Run, Says He Won't Seek White House

22) Michael Avenatti Gets 14-Year Sentence for Stealing Millions From Clients

23) The Weinstein Brothers Have Oscar Gold. Now They Need Cash.

24) On the Campaign Trail with Harvey Weinstein

25) It's Harvey Weinstein's Turn to Gloat

26) Cannes Film Festival: The Harvey Weinstein Show

27) Thanking Harvey Weinstein and God, in That Order

28) Harvey Weinstein, Producer, Questioned by New York Police After Groping Accusation

29) Harvey Weinstein Won't Face Charges After Groping Report

30) Are Protests Dangerous? What Experts Say May Depend on Who's Protesting What

31) Boris Johnson Needs to Learn From Andrew Cuomo

32) Cuomo Is a Media Hero in the Pandemic. De Blasio Is a Scapegoat.

33) 'Wearing a Mask Is Now Cool,' Cuomo says

34) Cuomo Set to Receive $5.1 Million From Pandemic Book Deal

35) Andrew Cuomo Is the Control Freak We Need Right Now

36) Read the Sexual Harassment Report on Andrew Cuomo

37) Health Agency Under Cuomo 'Misled the Public' on Nursing Home Deaths

38) As Outcry Over Nursing Homes Grows, Cuomo Lashes Out at Critics

38) 'You Have Cuomo Prime Time, I Have Cuomo All the Time,' N.Y. Governor Jokes With Brother

39) Chris Cuomo of CNN Advised Gov. Cuomo, Raising Ethics Questions

40) Chris Cuomo Played Outsize Role in Ex-Gov. Cuomo’s Defense

41) Andrew Cuomo Loses His Emmy on Same Day He's Replaced as Governor

42) Why Texas Democrats Are Betting on Beto O'Rourke

43) Beto O'Rourke Moving Toward a 2020 Race He Could Upend, Ready or Not

44) Beto O'Rourke's 2020 Campaign Raised $9.4 Million in 18 Days

45) Beto O'Rourke Releases $5 Trillion Climate Change Proposal

46) Where Did It Go Wrong for Beto?

47) The End of Betomania

48) Beto O’Rourke Was Once Adrift in New York City. Now He's Searching Again.

49) Elizabeth Warren's Formidable Stride

50) Elizabeth Warren Calls Trump a White Supremacist

51) Elizabeth Warren Stands by DNA Test. But Around Her, Worries Abound.

52) Why Many Native Americans Are Angry With Elizabeth Warren

53) Elizabeth Warren Apologizes to Cherokee Nation for DNA Test

54) Democrats Sparred Over a Wine Cave Fund-Raiser. Its Billionaire Owner Isn't Pleased.

55) Minority Voters Chafe as Democratic Candidates Abandon Charter Schools

56) Pete Buttigieg 2020?

57) Hillary Clinton Concession Speech Highlights

58) Hillary Clinton's Full Concession Speech

59) On Election Day, the Hillary Clinton White Suit Effect

60) Confidence Even as Hillary Clinton’s Momentum Slows

61) Hillary Clinton Feels the Love on Her Campaign’s Last Day

62) Hillary Clinton Blames F.B.I. Director for Election Loss

63) In 1 Unscripted Moment, Hillary Clinton Finds Joy in the Rain

64) How Hillary Clinton Met Satan

65) A Hip-Hop Political Rally, Starring Beyoncé, Jay Z (and Hillary Clinton)

65) Anthony Weiner Pleads Guilty to Federal Obscenity Charge

66) Anthony Weiner Doesn't Care What Everyone Thinks

67) Weiner Can't Rule Out That Twitter Photo Is of Him

68) Why I Admire Anthony Weiner

69) After Weiner's Sentencing, Abedin Opts for 'Divorce Jeans'

70) MSNBC Host Joy Reid Blames Hackers for Anti-Gay Blog Posts, but Questions Mount

71) Joy Reid Says She Did Not Write 'Hateful Things' but Cannot Prove Hacking

72) Joy Reid, MSNBC Host, Apologizes Again as More Incendiary Blog Posts Surface

73) How Joy Reid of MSNBC Became a Heroine of the Resistance

74) Joy Reid Takes Nightly Anchor Slot at MSNBC

75) Is America a Racist Country?

76) Is Britain Racist?

77) Is This Ad Racist? 

78) Are We Raising Racists?

79) How to Talk to a Racist

80) I Shouldn’t Have to Tell You This Is Racist

81) Is Donald Trump a Racist? 

82) Trump Is a Racist. Period.

82) Trump Is Racist to the Bone

83) Trump's Tweets Prove That He Is a Raging Racist

84) Just Say It: Trump Is a Racist

85) Abraham Lincoln, Racist

86) Is Everyone a Little Bit Racist?

87) Are Tea Parties Racist? Is Al Qaeda?

88) Ilhan Omar Is Tackling Colorism. Here's Why That Matters.

89) Ilhan Omar: It Is Not Enough to Condemn Trump’s Racism

90) Ilhan Omar Apologizes for Statements Condemned as Anti-Semitic

91) Ilhan Omar's Criticism Raises the Question: Is Aipac Too Powerful?

92) Rashida Tlaib Said Nothing Wrong

93) Jimmy Fallon Apologizes for Blackface Skit 

94) Jimmy Kimmel Apologizes for Use of Blackface in Past Comedy Sketches

95) New Video Surfaces Showing Trudeau in Blackface, Compounding Scandal

96) Governor Admits He Was in Racist Yearbook Photo

97) Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, Defies Calls to Resign Over Racist Photo

98) Why Ralph Northam Should Not Resign 

99) Frustrations Mount at Washington Post as Its Business Struggles

100) Layoffs Hit CNN as Cost-Cutting Pressure Mounts

101) The Aspiring Novelist Who Became Obama’s Foreign-Policy Guru