'Is It Safe To Go Outside?' The Media Say No.

Joe Biden / Getty Images
August 2, 2023

A series of recent news articles suggests that it may no longer be safe to go outside due to climate change.

Why do the media seem intent on scaring Americans into staying home?

Everyday activities like working, commuting, and exercising should be reconsidered amid high temperatures, smokey air, and rising waters, according to leading newspapers and news networks.

CBS News: "Is It Safe To Work and Commute Outside? What Experts Advise as Wildfire Smoke Stifles East Coast."

NBC News: "Is It Safe To Exercise Outdoors When the Air Quality Is Poor?"

New York Times: "Is It Safe To Go for a Run in Wildfire Smoke?"

You might need to rethink those vacation plans, too.

It's almost like the pandemic never ended.

New York Times: "‘Don’t Be Afraid of Covid,’ Trump Says, Undermining Public Health Messages"

New York Times: "Going Outside This Weekend? Don’t Freak Out."

New York Times: "Two White House Coronavirus Cases Raise Question of if Anyone Is Really Safe"

And if you're not a white cisgender man, maybe it never did.


But is staying home really safe, either?