Fact-Checkers to Voters: Don’t Believe Your Lyin’ Eyes

An army of idiots tries to undercut video footage damaging to the president

(Getty Images)

It was only a matter of hours after a video circulated by the Washington Free Beacon went viral that the fact-checkers swarmed. The video shows a feeble and apparently disoriented President Joe Biden finishing a speech and trying to shake hands with thin air. 

Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes, say the partisans at Snopes. "Maybe there are additional angles or longer clips that can add some more context," their article states. (Can anybody imagine the same sentence coming from one of these "fact-checkers" if the politician were a Republican?)

Pointing to footage captured from a different angle, Snopes writes, "Here’s what we saw when we watched the video: We saw President Joe Biden standing at a podium. We heard the applause of a crowd. We saw him step away from the podium after finishing his speech. We saw him gesture at the crowd. We saw him turn toward another group of people. We saw him turn to the back of the stage. Then we saw him walk off the stage where he appeared to talk to someone in the crowd." Nothing to see here!

The International Business Times is even more certain that a dementia-ridden Biden wasn’t shaking hands with a phantom. Instead, he was "gesturing at the people on the right and eventually behind him who were cheering. He even gestures toward the crowd on the left side of the dais, but it is covered by a mic stand. After reviewing the full footage, IBTimes has arrived at the conclusion that claims about Biden shaking hands with thin air and looking confused are entirely misleading." Thanks for clearing that up! 

For the Free Beacon, it’s déjà vu all over again after living through the endless and self-parodic fact-checks of our report on Team Biden’s plan to distribute crack pipes at taxpayer expense, followed by the administration’s ex post facto, ass-covering assurances that these safe smoking kits for crackheads would exclude that key piece of paraphernalia. False, the fact-checkers huffed, citing the Biden flacks, while simultaneously explaining why the distribution of said crack pipes is a wonderful thing according to the harm-reduction approach embraced by the Biden administration. 

If there’s one actual fact we’ve learned from the scores of these pompous fools, it’s that if a damaging bit of news about a Democrat gets traction, an idiot army will storm once more into the breach crying "disinformation."