Free Beacon Alum Triggers Fragile Libs Into Canceling Subscriptions to the Atlantic

'I refuse to support publishers of genocidal, nihilistic work.'

December 14, 2021

Dozens of fragile libs have canceled their subscriptions to the Atlantic after the storied media outlet published a guest column by Washington Free Beacon alum Matthew Walther.

The libs were triggered by Walther's suggestion that "outside the world inhabited by the professional and managerial classes in a handful of major metropolitan areas, many, if not most, Americans are leading their lives as if COVID is over." As anticipated, the professional and managerial classes seethed with rage on Twitter, aghast at the Atlantic for daring to publish Walther's "nihilistic, genocidal" opinion.

For example:

• "Why the fuck did you publish this drivel? Seriously, why?"

• "I mean, thanks for keeping us informed that people are still huge pieces of shit who will keep this pandemic going for far longer than it ever had to. What an utter 'common man' fuckwit."

• "What in the actual fuck, @TheAtlantic. What. In. The. Actual. Fuck."

• "Do better Atlantic. Publishing this Rightwing AstroTurf cult-driven propaganda only harms the vast majority of REAL Americans trying to save lives and mitigate mass death, at 800K dead and counting. Please take this down."

• "What in the actual Jesus fuck is wrong with you people?"

• "people just keep dying when you publish irresponsible, badly thought-out, badly written pieces like this from people who already have their own outlet. You should be ashamed of this kind of article. It's beneath you. It's dangerous."

• "This was disgusting to read. Shame on @TheAtlantic for publishing this."

• "What a horrible essay. Completely unmoored from reality, oozing moral superiority and disdain for science, and not even very well written. It is a disgrace that you would publish this. For a Catholic he certainly doesn't seem very pro life."

• "This might be the douchiest thing ever written."

• "People who live in cities and actually care about healthcare workers and their own families are Real Americans too. It's not out of touch to care about a pandemic. Quite the opposite. People are dying from their lack of concern."

• "This article is trash and The Atlantic should know better than to publish stuff like this."

• "A brief synopsis: I, the author, am a giant asshole and so are all the people who live near me."

• "Please get this fake bible thumper moron off my timeline. He lives in a little uncaring bubble, good for him. Next."

• "Can't wait to read about how this idiot died of COVID."

• "Just as the Covid death toll tops 800,000 Americans, we get this utterly surreal piece from @matthewwalther, who says he & his rural friends don't give a shit & won't do anything to prevent the spread. Sociopathy presented as cornpone common sense."

• "What is this garbage? I expect articles like this in Redneck MAGA fan weekly, not The Atlantic. Seriously rethinking my subscription. Ew."

Some of the libs did more than just rethink their support for the Atlantic, and proudly announced their decisions to cancel their subscriptions. 

• "I'm cancelling my subscription, this is ridiculous!!!!"

"Much as I love many things in the Atlantic, their Covid stance has become so concerning that I'm going to cancel my subscription."

• "Subscription cancelled. Get a better editor and quit providing a platform for guttersnipes like the 'author' of this so-called essay."

• "It's only $47.17, but I hope @TheAtlantic notices."

• "I'm a med school Prof, work in a hospital. I'm so disappointed in Atlantic for publishing this dangerous, misleading anti-science piece, even as Minnesota's hospitals overflow, that I'm cancelling my subscription."

• "Canceled our subscription…after 20 years."

• "Bookmarking this article in case I get any emails asking me why I canceled my subscription." 

• "I'm going to cancel my subscription. This is inexcusably irresponsible and while Matthew Walther may not know that The Atlantic certainly should."

• "I refuse to support publishers of genocidal, nihilistic work."

The Atlantic is owned by Laurene Powell Jobs, the multibillionaire Apple widow and major Democratic donor. Through her "social change" investment firm, Emerson Collective, the liberal activist has also funneled money to ACRONYM, a left-wing media conglomerate described by the Washington Post as a disseminator of "hyperlocal partisan propaganda."