WATCH: Shirtless Joe Biden Soaks Up the Sun

The aging president sluggishly lounges about while his political rival engages in high energy public events

July 10, 2023

Over the weekend, footage emerged of President Joe Biden relaxing on the beach, an activity that has taken up much of his presidency.

Biden was seen struggling to move a chair, wandering down the shore with seemingly labored steps, and reclining in the sun. According to RNC Research, the 46th president has spent nearly 40 percent of his term on vacation. Regular stops include the president’s Delaware beach house, Nantucket, Massachusetts, and Camp David, where he recently spent some time with his son, Hunter.

While Biden spends the summer hopping from one vacation spot to the next, former president Donald Trump is hot on the campaign trail, with a focus on interacting with potential voters and influencers. Trump made a surprise appearance at UFC 290 this weekend, attracting applause from and shaking hands with attendees. While at the event, the former president spoke with several high-profile cultural icons including Joe Rogan, Mark Wahlberg, Guy Fieri, and Mel Gibson.

At a campaign stop in Iowa, the first state to hold a 2024 Republican presidential primary election, Trump made an appearance at a local Dairy Queen, buying food for his supporters. At one point, Trump, a known enjoyer of fast foods, possibly jokingly asked "what the hell is a Blizzard," eliciting laughs from those around him. Going to affordable restaurants to mingle with voters appears to be a favorite of the Trump campaign, with the former president having made a number of similar visits.

While Trump appears able to dedicate significant energy to campaigning and engaging with the public, concerns have arisen regarding Biden’s physical and mental acuity. Nearly 70 percent of voters are worried that Biden may not be mentally or physically fit to serve as president. Biden’s numerous falls and verbal gaffes likely play into such uncertainty.

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