WATCH: Karine Jean-Pierre Struggles To Explain Biden's Most Elderly Moments

September 13, 2023

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has struggled to explain President Joe Biden’s many gaffes in office.

When Biden tripped and fell three times ascending the stairs of Air Force One, she excused Biden’s lack of balance because "it’s pretty windy outside," adding that "I almost fell coming up the steps myself."

After Biden asked if Rep. Jackie Walorski (R., Ind.) was in the room during a September 2022 speech, apparently forgetting she died in a car crash months earlier, Jean-Pierre said it was because Walorski was "on top of mind" for the president during his speech.

Photos surfaced in April of Biden holding what appeared to be a cheat sheet that told him what reporter to call on during a press conference. Asked about the pictures, Jean-Pierre called the info card "entirely normal."

Last week, Jean-Pierre claimed that Biden decided to wander out of the room in the middle of a Medal of Honor ceremony in order to minimize the risk that he would spread COVID-19 to others in the room. Jean-Pierre said this despite the fact that Biden did not wear a mask when he walked out of the room or when he pinned the medal on 81-year-old former Army captain Larry Taylor.