UCLA To Hire Administrator To Fight Anti-CRT Legislation

University of California Los Angeles / Getty Images
October 11, 2021

The University of California Los Angeles School of Law is hiring an administrator to swat down attacks on critical race theory.

The director will oversee the creation of a database on legislation and "other formal policies suppressing antiracist education, training, or research associated with CRT," according to the university's job posting for the position. The administrator will also work with academics and lawyers to develop "legal theories" to contest laws that bar critical race theory from schools, and "engage in communications efforts to redefine and reframe" the debate over such measures.

Several states, including Florida and Oklahoma, have in recent months banned schools from teaching critical race theory to students. School board meetings across the country have become contentious over so-called antiracist curricula, which hold that U.S. society and institutions are inherently racist. The Justice Department announced last week it will investigate harassment and intimidation against school officials—a move seen by many education observers as a politicized attempt to suppress parents' dissent against race-focused education.

UCLA's project director will work in the law school's department of Critical Race Studies, which "trains students to both analyze how the law and legal institutions erect racial hierarchies and how to dismantle those same hierarchies," according to the school's website.