Not Even NFL Players Are Safe in Muriel Bowser's DC

After thief shoots Commanders running back, mayor blames 'wanton use of a firearm'

Washington, D.C., mayor Muriel Bowser (Getty Images)
August 29, 2022

Washington Commanders rookie Brian Robinson was shot on Sunday while on the streets of Washington, D.C.

Two men attempted to rob the running back after he left a store on H Street, though police have not yet said whether the men were attempting to carjack Robinson’s vehicle, ESPN reported. While Robinson was struggling with one of the assailants, the other shot him in the leg. Both men then fled the scene. While Robinson remains in the hospital, his injuries are not life-threatening, multiple sources reported.

"Surgery went well! Thanks for the prayers! God is great!" Robinson wrote on Instagram.

Carjackings in the district have skyrocketed under Mayor Muriel Bowser (D.), who in 2020 publicly sided with Black Lives Matter protesters. Bowser in March said a carjacker who murdered a doctor "probably didn't intend to kill anybody." According to a February Washington Post poll, 73 percent of D.C. voters say Bowser has done a poor job of combating crime.

Bowser on Monday blamed the use of a gun for the shooting of Robinson, the Post reported.

"What we saw in this case and others is just a wanton use of a firearm that hurts somebody," the mayor said.

The news comes days after Bowser faced pushback for banning unvaccinated children from attending school. The mayor's ban will likely hurt the district's black students, nearly half of whom are unvaccinated, the Washington Free Beacon reported.