Large Majority of Americans Think Biden Was Involved in Hunter’s Business Dealings, CNN Poll Finds

September 7, 2023

A majority of Americans believe that President Joe Biden was implicated in his son Hunter’s business dealings.

A CNN poll released Thursday found that 61 percent of Americans believe Biden had at least "some" involvement in his son’s business dealings in Ukraine and China while he served as vice president. Forty-two percent said they believed his actions were illegal, while 18 percent said they thought his conduct was "unethical, but not illegal."

A further 55 percent believe that Biden has acted "inappropriately" during the government’s investigation of Hunter Biden’s possible crimes.

President Biden has continually denied any knowledge of his son’s business dealings.

Tony Bobulinski and Rob Walker, former associates of Hunter Biden, have stated that Joe Biden was involved in negotiations with Chinese company CEFC China Energy. Photos from Hunter Biden’s laptop also place him at his father’s house on the same day he invoked his father’s name to threaten a CEFC executive, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

A third business partner, Devon Archer, confirmed in testimony last month that Joe Biden was involved in negotiations with Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company that later paid Hunter Biden hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The poll comes at a time when Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump are tied in the polls ahead of the 2024 campaign. The vast majority of Americans believe that Biden’s age renders him unable to "effectively serve" as president.