Iran President Praises 'Innovative' Attack on Israel in Call With Palestinian Terror Chief

Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi (Reuters/Mike Segar/file photo)
October 9, 2023

Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi in a Sunday call with Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Ziyad al-Nakhalah lauded Hamas's brutal incursions on Israel as "brilliant and impressive victories" for the "Palestinian resistance forces," Iran's Tasnim news outlet reported.

"What happened in the occupied territories and in the battle with the usurping Zionist regime was a huge unique event in the past 70 years," Raisi said, "and you really made the Islamic community happy with this innovative and victorious operation."

"We consider the final victory of the Palestinian nation to be a divine promise, and the Iranian nation always stands by the freedom-loving and independent nations and at the top of them is the Palestinian nation," the Iranian president added.

Raisi's remarks come as reports surfaced Sunday of Iran's involvement in planning the attack, which has already left 700 Israelis dead and thousands more injured. Hamas and Hezbollah senior officials said Sunday that Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps helped devise the terrorist attack and approved the assault in a meeting last Monday in Beirut, Lebanon, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Iran's likely involvement in the incursions has put President Joe Biden in hot water for his $6 billion hostage deal with Iran last month, which critics say indirectly funded Hamas's attacks.

"Money is fungible and regime officials calculate for it, including for shoring up their foreign exchange reserve," said Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas), adding that the administration was "on track to send over $45 billion to the ayatollah this year through waivers and not enforcing sanctions, including this $6 billion they admit was ransom."

In response to Raisi's praise, terrorist leader al-Nakhalah thanked Iran's government and people for supporting the Palestinian people.

"With the help of God, these blessed days and these victories will continue with strength, and the Palestinian nation is steadfast in the path of resistance," al-Nakhalah said.