Hamas Goon Calls Mommy To Brag About How Many Jews He Killed: Report

'I’m using the dead Jewish woman’s phone to call you now,' says evil freak who is probably dead by now and burning in hell

October 24, 2023

What happened: A giant f—ing loser who took part in the Hamas terrorist raid on Israel earlier this month called his mommy during the attack to brag about killing Jews, journalist Jotam Confino reported.

• "I killed 10 Jews with my own hands," the terrorist boasted. "I’m using the dead Jewish woman’s phone to call you now." The sick freak's mother replied, "May God protect you."

• Confino and other international journalists were invited to view "indescribable" footage of the Hamas attack collected by Israeli authorities in an effort to counter claims from terrorist sympathizers who have denied or downplayed the extent of the atrocities. "If anyone has any doubt about what happened, I truly don’t know what to say anymore," he wrote.

Why it matters: Notice that the Hamas goon didn't brag to his mommy about taking part in the "active decolonization of Palestinian land." He bragged about how many Jews he killed—at least one woman and probably some children. This guy sounds like an evil scumbag and a coward.

• This is what the Hamas sympathizers—on Ivy League campuses and in cities across the country and the world—are defending and justifying. Terrorists taking delight in the murder of Jews.

• Confino describes some of the other videos he saw as follows: "Hamas terrorists enter a house, where a small girl is seen hiding under the table. After some talking back and forth they shoot and kill her as she hides under the table. Hard to say how old she is but looks like 7-9 years old."

• More: "[A] Hamas terrorist screaming 'Allahu [Akbar]' as he frantically tries to behead a dead man with a shovel."

What happens next: If the Jew-killing terrorist isn't already dead, he will be soon enough. Good luck getting cellphone reception in hell, dumbass.

Bottom line: F— Hamas.

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