‘Bidenomics’ Fails: No Change in Americans’ Disapproval of Biden Economic Policy, Poll Finds

(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
August 17, 2023

Despite President Joe Biden's continued efforts to tout his economic policies, dubbed "Bidenomics," polling shows Americans have not changed their position on the president's policies.

Just 36 percent of voters approve of Biden's handling of the economy, lower than the 42 percent who approve of his overall job performance, according to new polling from the Associated Press and the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Those numbers have changed little in the last year and a half, the AP reported. Two months ago, when Biden first outlined his "Bidenomics" vision, 34 percent of voters said they approve of his economic record.

Another poll conducted in recent weeks by CNN found that half of all voters believe the economy is going to get worse.

Fifty-one percent of voters believe the economy is in a downturn and will get worse, according to the poll. Just 20 percent say the economy is improving, and 28 percent say it has stabilized.

The same poll found that voters trust congressional Republicans more than Biden to handle the important issues of the day, 54 percent to 45 percent.

The continued poor polling on the economy comes despite Biden's frequent messaging on his policies.

"Today, the U.S. has had the highest economic growth among the world's leading economies since the pandemic," Biden said during a June speech on his economic policies. "We've added over 13 million jobs, more jobs in two years than any president has added in a four-year term.​ And, folks, that's no accident. That's Bidenomics in action."

Biden said "Bidenomics," which he hopes will resonate with voters ahead of his reelection bid next year, is about building "the economy from the middle out and the bottom up."

The White House released a fact sheet after the speech that said "Bidenomics" is "already delivering for the American people."

Fifty-five percent of experts still expect the United States will undergo a recession, and officials in a recent Federal Reserve meeting said there are "significant upside risks to inflation," which lessens hopes that interest rates will come down in the near future.

U.S. gas prices are at their highest in the last 10 months.

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