Susan Rice Lists Iraq War Withdrawal and TPP As Hillary’s Biggest Accomplishments At State Department

• June 18, 2015 7:16 pm


National Security Adviser Susan Rice offered Hillary Clinton some unwelcome praise on the set of With All Due Respect Thursday.

Asked by host Mark Halperin to list three of Clinton’s biggest accomplishments while Secretary of State, Rice mumbled at first, and then rattled off a long list of what she considered to be accomplishments by the Obama administration.

"Well, I think, first of all, you would have to put them in the context of the administration's accomplishments," Rice said.

Rice was asked to offer specifics.

"Well, first of all, we were able to bring to conclusion two long and costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and she was very much involved in supporting those transitions," Rice said.

The mere statement the Iraq war has come to a "conclusion" will prove offensive to many. The White House admits Syria and Iraq are in utter chaos.

After Obama’s withdrawal, against the advice of key generals, a power vacuum was filled by the early makings of the Islamic State. Since the IS was called a JV squad by Obama, they have advanced to take over the major cities of Mosul and Ramadi.

A CNN poll earlier this month found 63 percent of Americans believe the president is failing in the fight against IS, compared to just 32 percent who support the president. The sentiment is not surprising considering the president, himself, said he has no strategy to fight the terrorist organization.

Clinton has been accused of being wrong on the Iraq War twice: voting for the now unpopular war when President Bush asked Congress for war powers authorization and supporting the withdrawal that destabilized the country.

Rice did not stop there either. She pointed to Clinton’s work in promoting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which Clinton now opposes.

"We’ve been negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement to bring that to fruition," Rice said. "We are looking forward to obtaining Trade Promotion Authority from Congress. That is another significant accomplishment."

Again, Rice inadvertently exposed Clinton’s flip-flop. Before announcing her second run for the presidency, Clinton was a vocal supporter of the TPP. In fact, she pushed for passage of the TPP and praised the positive impact it would have 45 times.

After getting slammed by Bernie Sanders and others on the left over her silence on the issue, Clinton finally sided with Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats against President Obama and the very trade deal she worked to create.

Clinton will try to walk a tightrope on both of these issues as the campaign goes forward. Rice did not help her on Thursday.