Stephanie Cutter: Super PAC Millions to Stick Up for the Little People

Big money to protect 'the voices of small donors'

February 10, 2012

President Obama’s deputy campaign manager said that Super PACS can "ensure that the voices of small donors don't get washed out."

In an interview with CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, Stephanie Cutter was asked how Team Obama can justify embracing a Super PAC by saying it allows them to protect the priorities of small donors:

"Well, I think it's a little different. It's to ensure that the voices of small donors don't get washed out as a result of Citizens United. After Citizens United, we saw a huge wave of money, special interest money, corporate money, wealthy individual's money, going to the Republican Super PACs. Just look at Mitt Romney's Super PAC. Tens of millions of dollars from under 200 people. That's a stark difference from what's happening for the president's campaign. More than a million people on average giving less than $250. So we want to make sure that those voices don't get washed out in this debate. We want to ensure that we can not go into this election unilaterally disarmed, and we can protect the priorities not just of small donors, but of the progress that we've made of this country. We're not going to go into an election where a half billion is committed for one singular purpose, to defeat the president of the United States. We're going to go in fighting to ensure that we can protect the progress that we've made."


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