Rove's Advice to White House: Stop Putting Zeke Emanuel on Television

'It ain't a very attractive face and voice'

December 9, 2013

Former Bush White House advisor Karl Rove gave some advice to the administration concerning Obamacare P.R. Monday on Fox News.

Over the weekend, Obama administration flack (and Rahm Emanuel's brother) Dr. Zeke Emanuel again likened the plagued healthcare rollout to iPhone glitches. He also admitted people can keep their doctor, but only if they are willing to pay more.

Rove slammed the ridiculous Apple metaphor, telling host Bill Hemmer if the tech giant was as negligent as the Obama administration their stock would be at a "buck 44."

Moreover, Rove added the White House should stop letting Emanuel go on television. "It aint a very attractive face and voice," Rove said:

BILL HEMMER: I just want to squeeze in one more point, because the other thing argued by Emanuel, and argued by the president, is that I know when I got my iPhone there were lot of glitches and they sent me updates for that. It seems like a poor metaphor. You don't have to buy an iPhone.

KARL ROVE: No, you don't have to buy an iPhone, and if the iPhone had had as disastrous rollout as Obamacare, Apple's stock would be about a buck 44 and the company would be going out of business. This was dreadful implementation, and the sooner they admit it the better off their credibility with the American people. And look, frankly as an opponent of Obamacare I hope they keep putting Dr. Amanuel on television, but if they really do want to engage in P.R. campaign, my advice would be stop letting him go on television and [being] the face of the program because it ain't a very attractive face and voice.