Wife of Putin Spokesman Debuts Holocaust-Themed Skating Routine

Screenshot from @yashar Twitter

The wife of Russian President Vladimir Putin's press secretary has caused controversy after putting on a Holocaust-themed ice skating performance.

Russian ice dancer Tatyana Navka, who won Olympic gold in the winter of 2006, is the wife of Dmitry Peskov, who has been Putin's top spokesman since 2012.

Navka competed with her partner Andrew Burkovsjy on the Russian television show Ice age, the Daily Mail reported. Ice age is a celebrity competition show on the Kremlin-owned broadcaster Channel One.

The dancing pair donned striped pajamas with yellow Star of David patches during the ice-dancing routine. The Nazis forced Jews to put yellow Star of David patches on their clothes during the Holocaust to identify them as Jewish, and prisoners in concentration camps often had to wear striped pajamas as their uniform.

The performance was meant to directly reference the Holocaust, according to the Daily Mail.

The Saturday night peak time Nazi-themed item was said to be based on the Italian movie Life is Beautiful, a 1997 tragicomedy about an Italian-Jewish man's fight to survive in a Nazi concentration camp.

Navka posted images of the performance on her Instagram account and wrote that she hoped to pay remembrance to the Holocaust so future generations would never have to experience anything so terrible.

Many people expressed outrage at Navka's decision to invoke the Holocaust, including numerous social media users such as comedian Sarah Silverman.

This is not the first time this year a dancing performance in Russia has used the Holocaust as its theme. On Russia's equivalent of Dancing With The Stars, one performance featured an SS Guard trying to find a young Jewish girl.