Pelosi May Have Violated Ethics Rules, Newspaper Reports

February 10, 2012

The Hill reports that Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi may have violated congressional ethics rules when she asked for campaign contributions during a press briefing at the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center Thursday. Pelosi said she was "asking people to contribute to us, if they want to elect more reformers to congress." House ethics rules prohibit members of the House from soliciting campaign donations in congressional office buildings.

PELOSI: Absolutely. Absolutely, The president made a decision, which I think was a wise one, that he was not going to unilaterally disarm leave the field to the Koch brothers to decide who would be president of the United States and who would control the Congress. And his commitment was for full disclosure.

And that’s why — we were scheduled to do this weekend but the timing could not be better, because it affords us the opportunity to say to you that the Democrats in their fundraising will be fully disclosing. And, by the way, we’re asking people to contribute to us, if they want to elect more reformers to Congress. So that we can do away with super-PACs, that we can do away with secret contributions, we can reform the system, we can amend the Constitution, to overturn the Citizens United decision.